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It is no surprise that LE34 still has an office in Skagen: we have been working from here for the past 120 years. And, since we are Denmark’s largest provider of surveying and land management services, it is an obvious location. LE34 is there, wherever you are, even if you live in the northernmost part of the country.

Vestre Strandvej 10, 9990 Skagen

skagen@le34.dk Tel. +45 9848 0844

LE34 shows the way

There, wherever you are

From our office on Vestre Strandvej and with backup from our LE34 colleagues in Frederikshavn, we take on assignments in Skagen and the entire surrounding area.

All of our customers, commercial and private alike, benefit from the fact that we are always at the head of the queue when it comes to innovation and technological development. UAV mapping, for instance, is a tool we use on a daily basis.

New options for holiday home owners

The Danish Planning Act, which came into force in 2017, offers new opportunities in the coastal zone. It paves the way for urban development and new facilities that improve potential for tourism and holiday home owners. Specifically, there are better options for extending and modernising bathrooms, and it will be easier to subdivide large areas of land to enable owners of holiday homes on leased land to purchase that land.

LE34 has been involved in several projects of this kind, and we can help you explore your options.  You are always welcome.

Port expansion

When it comes to the number of tonnes of fish landed, the Port of Skagen is already Denmark’s largest fishing port. But the port is undergoing an extensive expansion in these years with new and longer quays, with greater sailing depth and with greater land facilities. LE34 assists as the land surveying company with a number of cadastral parcels and case processing. The next stage of the port expansion (stage 3) is expected to start later this year.

Anders Brønnum, head of department in LE34 Skagen and partner

‘With LE34’s surveying services you get peace of mind. We are deeply rooted in the local area and have state-of-the-art knowledge of a broad spectrum of technologies, so we can both subdivide your property and provide setting out for your house – flawlessly and fast.’

Meet LE34 Skagen

Anders Brønnum
Anders Brønnum
Head of Department / Partner / Chartered Land Surveyor
LE34 Frederikshavn, LE34 Skagen