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As superusers of software solutions, it was a natural step for us to design bespoke digital solutions and offer them to our customers. We develop intelligent apps for project management and designer add-ons for existing programs. We are authorised dealers of Bentley CAD software and the utilities network management system VA-banken©. And, of course, we handle implementation, adjustment, training, support and consultancy throughout the entire process.

LE34 shows the way
GeoNote AutoLER

GeoNote - automation and overview

LE34 is constantly developing new tools to meet the needs of our clients. The digital world offers a wealth of opportunities, but solutions must be user-friendly – otherwise there is no reason to replace paper with digital tools. Our suite of intelligent digital tools, which we call GeoNote, was developed in response to a specific daily need in the municipalities.

Planning and management of snow clearance, refuse collection, clear-up of overfilled bicycle parking areas, road inspection and much more: GeoNote is an intuitive tool, based on a digital map, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Or to your company’s requirements for upkeep of outdoor spaces or management of indoor maintenance.

Whether you work for a municipality or a region, in the agricultural sector or for a private company, there are great benefits to be had from using GeoNote: It saves time and money; it ensures transfer of knowhow when experienced staff retire or change jobs; and it ensures that you are always able to provide documentation of the assignments that have been completed.

Authorised Bentley dealer for the Nordic region

All over the world, engineers, chartered land surveyors and contractors use Bentley’s software solutions to develop new infrastructure and construction projects. LE34 offers a one-stop solution covering support, training, development, CAD specialists and licence sale. 

We offer our experienced 2D and 3D specialists as consultants and send them to our users’ premises when help is needed. We provide a range of services such as setting up Bentley programs, reviewing your own set-up, secondment of employees for short or long-term support and help during peak production periods. Wherever you are in Denmark, we have specialists at hand.

VA-banken© – Easy utilities network management

VA-banken© is a user-friendly, one-stop solution for registration of cables and pipes, operations, enquiries and planning – whatever the project, and completely in Danish. The system was designed for utilities companies by utilities experts.

The job of many utilities companies is made unnecessarily complicated by outdated systems which can only be operated by a few superusers and which make it difficult to transfer data between them. The solution is VA-banken©, and LE34 is the sole distributor of the system on the Danish market. One VA-banken© licence serves an unlimited number of users. LE34’s utilities experts accumulate and transfer all data and provide users with full support.

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