Authorised Bentley dealer for the Nordic region

All over the world, engineers, chartered land surveyors and contractors use Bentley’s software solutions to develop new infrastructure and construction projects. Our digital twin IT34 offers a one-stop solution covering support, training, development, CAD specialists and licences.

LE34 Danmarks største landinspektørfirma

IT34’s software specialists are familiar with every nook and cranny of Bentley’s programs and we have built our own production system around them. It was therefore a natural step to become an authorised Bentley dealer so that we can offer support, training, development, CAD specialists and Bentley licences – as a single package.

Hotline provides on-the-spot support

We know how crucial it is to get help immediately when you need it and are in the middle of your work. Consequently, we offer a hotline agreement which gives you unlimited access to our specialists. They can solve your technical problems on the spot – no need to wait for answers. We do this because we are fully aware of the reality for businesses that develop projects using CAD. And because we know that good advice requires rapid response.

Consultancy services

We offer our experienced 2D and 3D specialists as consultants and send them to our users’ premises when help is needed. We provide a range of services such as setting up Bentley programs, reviewing your own set-up, secondment of employees for short or long-term support and help during peak production periods. Wherever you are in Denmark and Sweden, we have specialists at hand.


IT34 can develop the precise application you need for your Bentley set-up. We have designed a wide range of user-friendly applications, and if you cannot find the program you need, we will develop it for you. To ensure that our users have the exact programs they require, we have entered into a collaboration with Addin to distribute their programs. Addin has designed numerous programs for the Bentley platform, and we can either provide you with the programs as they are or develop them further. 

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