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Banedanmark needs surveying and land management services – whether they are building new stations, new tracks or safe level crossings where roads and train lines cross. LE34 has therefore won yet another contract to work as an in-house consultant at Banedanmark.

LE34 shows the way
LE34 landinspektør In-house rådgiver Banedanmark


  • Banedanmark


  • 2019 -


  • Expropriation
  • Landowner management
  • Design and project management
  • Modification and improvement to safety of level crossings
  • Closure of level crossings
  • Inspection and expropriation documents
  • Speed upgrades

From January 2019, some of LE34’s skilled chartered land surveyors will yet again be crossing the threshold to Banedanmark’s offices in Fredericia every morning. They will be working closely with Banedanmark’s own staff to ensure the legal basis for numerous rail projects.

Advice on the expropriation process – from A to Z

One of the tasks that plays a major role in a wide variety of rail projects is correct handling of land and rights acquisition. Our chartered land surveyors act as the coordinator through the entire expropriation process, preparing all the necessary inspection and expropriation documents and maintaining contact and dialogue with the affected landowners.

LE34 consultants have worked in-house at Banedanmark on several occasions because sitting right next to the customer on a daily basis ensures a smooth working process.

This current secondment relates to rail projects in the west of the country. Projects include closure of unsecured level crossings and speed upgrades on several line sections.

LE34 landinspektør In-house rådgiver Banedanmark

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