Renewable energy


Solar cells, wind turbines and biogas plants. LE34 has put together a dedicated team of renewable energy experts to enable us to advise you on the entire process, from feasibility studies and environmental assessments to the finished plant.

LE34 shows the way

Martin Nyvang, chartered land surveyor and partner:

“In 2018, LE34 was the consulting engineer for 70% of all solar parks erected in Denmark. We’ve accumulated substantial experience of all aspects of the process, from planning and visualisation to setting out and mapping.”

Experts in solar parks, wind turbines and biogas plants

Erecting renewable energy plants is a science in itself, requiring legal and technical insight into legislation, regulatory processing and applications. We have therefore put together a team of experts that handles everything from feasibility studies, local development plans and environmental reports to setting out and surveying.

Before, during and after construction

Our experts take care of the entire process, from analysis of relevant legal commitments in the area and topographical conditions to noise and shade calculations and recommended erection patterns, proposing the type of plant that will perform best at the specific site.

Once the location of the plant has been approved, we draw up a map of access routes and crane sites to notify the landowner of the affected area, set out coordinates for the foundation, perform quality assurance of the work in progress and, finally, deliver as-built documentation once the project is completed.

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Morten Dalby
Chartered land surveyor and partner
Expert in green energy and planning
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