In-house planner specialised in local development plans


A new local development plan provides the basis for successful and meticulously planned urban development. As chartered land surveyors and in-house consultants at numerous municipalities, we help lay the foundation for a successful development process. It is more flexible and less expensive for the municipality to have a planner close at hand than to employ an external consultant for the job.

LE34 shows the way
LE34 landinspektør inhouse-lokalplanlægger


  • Brønderslev Municipality


  • 2018 -


  • Local planning process, from A-Z
  • Processing of planning cases
  • The Planning Act
  • Review of planning preferences
  • Public meetings
  • Consultation deadlines
  • Quality assurance
  • Simultaneous authority consultations
  • Environmental and EIA screenings
  • Complete local planning proposal

Over the past three years, LE34’s chartered land surveyors and planners specialised in local development plans and planning cases have worked as in-house consultants at Danish municipalities such as Stevns, Vesthimmerland, Ringsted, Thisted, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Viborg Koune, Rebild, Varde and Brønderslev.

Experienced planners ensure a versatile local planning process for municipalities

A good local development plan is more than just a pipe dream. A good local development plan provides a balance between all involved stakeholders, ideas, the legal constraints of the Planning Act – not least, and other relevant considerations such as listed buildings and trees worthy of preservation.  A well-researched local development plan, incorporating legal quality assurance, provides the municipality with the foundation it needs to realise the plan’s visions – helping to attract newcomers to the district and to create more attractive urban environments.

As in-house consultants, LE34’s planners specialised in local development plans and planning conditions have built up a wealth of legal knowhow, practical expertise gained from local governments and experience in handling the entire local planning process, from A to Z, on behalf of municipalities.

The process is smooth because case files and documents do not need to change hands between in-house and external parties and because knowledge-sharing is easier. It enables establishment of working relationships and promotes mutual dialogue.

LE34 landinspektør inhouse-planlægger lokalplaner

In-house: new local development plan for Dronninglund Midtby

Brønderslev Municipality is in full swing designing Dronninglund Midtby. Their vision is to create an attractive town centre, where existing and historic buildings and trees serve as aesthetic beacons for the new buildings under construction. As in-house consultant at Brønderslev Municipality, LE34 has drawn up a proposal for their local development plan.

The finished plan is the result of dialogue with the municipality’s own staff and takes into consideration both development of the town centre and its cultural-historical structures worthy of preservation.

Asger Nielsen, Head of Planning and Environment, Brønderslev Municipality

“We’ve previously used external consultants but we can see that having these external consultants in house makes things much more versatile. LE34 have shown great flexibility by providing us with ad hoc advice and case management in peak periods and by drawing up new local development plans, for instance for Dronninglund Midtby. They’ve also shown flexibility in their approach to knowledge sharing and consultations on the local development plan within the municipality. It’s faster and easier when we don’t need to pass the project between in-house staff and external partners.”

Extra flexibility at no extra charge for municipalities

The preparation of local development plans is certainly not the only job we do as in-house consultants at municipal technical and environmental administrations. We participate on an equal footing with the other staff in the administration and manage cases on an ad hoc basis during peak periods.

This enables us to take full advantage of any spare hours we have left over from working on the local development plan. And it is often a cheaper solution for the municipalities than having external consultants and temporary employees working on the plan and case processing.

Asger Nielsen, Head of Planning and Environment, Brønderslev Municipality

“Over the past few months, Brønderslev Municipality has had LE34 as an in-house consultant in the planning department. They’ve delivered a high-quality local development plan, with a high standard of planning content, and they set up our template for local plans – and they always meet their deadlines.”

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