Copenhagen’s new North Harbour district


LE34 is helping transform Copenhagen’s Nordhavn (North Harbour) from an old industrial district into a maritime metropolis: a brand new district has emerged in Copenhagen.

LE34 shows the way



  • Consultancy on spatial governance
  • Subdivision of land
  • Subdivision of building parcels
  • Calculation of building density
  • BBR (Danish Building and Dwelling Register) estimates and IBS (Identity, Building Line and Easement) certificates
  • Monitoring
  • UAV mapping

As the surveying consultant to CPH City & Port Development, LE34 contributes to the development of the Århusgade district, Sundmolen, Fortkaj and Orientkaj. The district has a beautiful promenade and is a mix of new buildings and existing, but modernised, buildings.

A new Copenhagen rises from the sea

Seen through the eyes of a land surveyor, the urban development in Nordhavn, Copenhagen’s North Harbour district, offers both distinguishing features and challenges: it is a combination of old buildings of special architectural interest, newly built properties, public areas and land that has not yet been entered in the land register, i.e. land that has not yet been registered as real property and which therefore cannot be sold or built upon.

LE34’s first job was to create the foundation for the future urban development by entering the first areas of the free port’s land – the Århusgade district – in the land register and then dividing the land into parcels according to the local development plan and as requested by CPH City & Port Development.

Urban development on a solid foundation

LE34’s analyses of government regulations and commercial interests have created the perfect framework for urban development.

Urban development on a solid foundation

LE34’s analyses of government regulations and commercial interests have created the perfect framework for urban development.

Lars Vognsen Christensen, LE34, chartered land surveyor and specialist in urban development:

“My primary duty is to explain to CPH City & Port Development how we will achieve our results. This is how LE34 helps prepare CPH City & Port Development for dialogue on future challenges. Others might keep their cards close to their chests, but I’ve never really understood why we would need a black box with contents our clients aren’t allowed to see.”

The art of balancing countless considerations

The final design of the new urban areas must take all of these considerations into account, including government regulations and commercial interests. We discuss appropriate interpretations with the client.

For example, in the Nordhavn district, we advised our client on the most appropriate definition of boundary lines in border zones, which give owners the right to use part of the pavement in the boundary between private buildings and the public domain.

On behalf of CPH City & Port Development, we arrange for subdivision of the land into the parcels they require. We handle the entire process: from initial submission of the project to the City of Copenhagen to regular follow-up; from quality assurance of project documents to final registration with the Danish Geodata Agency.

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