Aalborg East Harbour


At the water’s edge, there is a dominant impression of light and fresh air, but the rest of the original port area creates a crude stage for the Aalborg Harbour Front’s new architectural pearls. LE34 helps transform development plans into reality.

LE34 shows the way


  • A. Enggaard A/S


  • 2010 -


  • Local development plans
  • Spatial governance
  • Surveys and setting out
  • Land registration
  • 3D scanning
  • Cadastral and built area surveys for the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings
  • Basis for design and analysis

Aalborg is one of the many seaports in Denmark that are bringing more and more urban life to their waterfronts. LE34 is contractor, urban developer and property investor A. Enggaard’s regular surveying consultant. As such, we help transform their development plans into reality.

The sea is compelling

The road from idea for a new urban district to finished buildings is long. LE34’s team helps transform ideas into reality – before, during and after the building process.

We played a key role in drawing up the local development plan for the entire port area. The project incorporates considerations of the municipal plan and other legislation. Our cooperation with A. Enggaard is close, and we advise on best use of the port area, how to subdivide the individual parcels, and the easements and declarations required for spatial governance. We handle subdivision of sites, cadastral and built area surveys for the Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings, cadastral procedures and many other surveying and land management services.

The old corn silo in new disguise

Visualization by C.F. Møller Architects

New meets old

At the eastern end of the waterfront, the DLG Tower stands out. The building is both old and new.

Originally, the idea was to preserve the old DLG grain silo. However, LE34 performed a 3D scan of the entire silo for A. Enggaard and, using this, prepared a basis for design and an addendum to the local development plan. As a result, permission was given to demolish the old building and rebuild it using the original silos. To cut a long story short, the original dimensions of the silo were preserved, ensuring that the building remains a landmark in the area, but the entire structure and materials are new.

And the design by C. F. Møller Architects is modern and meticulously planned.

There will be owner-occupied apartments with a view over the harbour and fiord in the DLG Tower and rented accommodation and social housing for young people in the building behind the tower.

Bjarne Husted, project director, A. Enggaard A/S

“LE34 gives us qualified advice on land tenure issues and land use, time and again. This gives us a clear foundation on which to base our decisions when we subdivide and sell property and owner-occupied apartments. Due to their extensive experience of complicated urban and property projects we can count on everything being in order when they complete a project for us.”

Open harbour

From restricted areas with grain silos and coal to public spaces with university buildings, apartments and shops: Aalborg’s waterfront welcomes urban life. Visualisation of the new DLG Tower by courtesy of C. F. Møller.

Worth a ramble

The new district extends for 1.5 km along the southern side of Limfjorden in the centre of Aalborg and is home to numerous buildings designed by renowned architects such as Schmidt Hammer Lassen and C. F. Møller.

Many of the old industrial buildings have been demolished and this new maritime quarter houses new apartments (built by Himmerland Boligforening and Lejerbo, among others), Aalborg University’s Campus City, shops, a concert hall, public squares with plants and benches and a long promenade, simply inviting you to walk along it.

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