3D scanning, dimension control and as-built documentation. LE34 develops bespoke solutions to prevent expensive errors in industry.
ISO 9001:2015-certified, of course.

LE34 shows the way

Brian Fjordgaard, maintenance manager, Flügger

“LE34 produces 3D scans of our production facilities to ensure that our renovations and projects can be completed without the added cost of errors and delays.”

3D scanning: Full overview and a high level of precision

It is crucial to have accurate and precise data if your company is to implement new installations, modifications and renovations without delays and expensive production downtime.

LE34 has the sector’s very latest and most sophisticated surveying technologies for quick and precise data acquisition. We supply a complete digital model which gives a full overview of all details, dimensions and designs in a user-friendly visualisation format, compatible with the software commonly used in-house in industry.

For new 3D data users, we offer short introductory courses when we deliver in order to ensure that everyone gets maximum benefit from their data. 

Testing on screen – not in real life

A 3D model provides you with the optimal basis for design and construction of new components. The 3D model also forms the basis for dimension control and clash checks prior to installation and can subsequently be supplemented with as-built documentation.

Clash check analyses can reveal whether there is room for a new module at the intended site – and whether there is sufficient space for transporting the new module to its location. Film clips showing an installation sequence illustrate how a new module will be moved into position and may shed light on challenges on the route. 

Per Danmark, project manager, NWT Nordic Wear Tec

“We now have substantial underlying data for our 3D structure. LE34’s surveys ensure precise correlation between the new structures and the existing components. This prevents us from overrunning deadlines and ensures coherence in the facility.”

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