Vandpartner East Jutland


LE34 is a member of the East Jutland partnership Vandpartner (Water Partner) whose aim is to ensure clean water and efficient sewers.

LE34 shows the way


  • Aarhus Vand, Favrskov Forsyning & Samn Forsyning (Vandpartner)


  • 2010 -


  • Cadastral procedures
  • UAV mapping
  • GIS
  • Expropriation
  • Surveys
  • Site plans
  • Utilities surveys
  • Land registration

Partnering is a new model for cooperation with three water utilities. This is an ambitious partnership involving not only LE34 and the utility companies but all other suppliers such as engineers and contractors. All involved parties have committed to creating a high degree of job satisfaction, innovative solutions and satisfied service users, who are supplied with clean water and efficient sewers. The name of this partnership is Vandpartner.

Appetite for development

Our projects for the three East Jutland utility companies –Aarhus Vand, Favrskov Forsyning and Samn Forsyning – provide classic LE34 core services: surveying, cadastral procedures and expropriation. This partnership is also a good example of the way in which we help pave the way for new, efficient and close forms of collaboration.

LE34 has a good track record of creating innovative solutions in collaboration with utilities clients. For example, we have sophisticated surveying equipment at our disposal, enabling on-site quality assurance and forwarding of data directly from the field. We use drones as one of serveral surveying technologies. This reduces time spent in the office by up to 35%. We bring this experience, expertise and appetite to drive developments to the partnership.

Advice from start to finish

Our work is a key component of the regular maintenance activities performed by the utility companies, and we are at their side before, during and after the establishment of new installations and pipelines (drinking water pipes and sewers). We perform surveys to provide the utility companies with accurate information about existing installations, and we prepare site plans and register the finished system and its pipelines to enable registration of their exact location in the companies’ systems.

High standards

Daily surveying tasks are performed by our survey technicians who comply with DANVA’s (Danish Water and Wastewater Association) standards for drinking water (DANVAND) and wastewater (DANDAS) and assure the quality of data before delivery. This provides the utility companies with precise and valid data about their drinking water pipes, sewers and supply facilities.

The partnership's mission:

“To ensure that the water, drain and sewer networks promote citizens’ health, work to their satisfaction and benefit the environment – both now and in the future.”

Legal advice

Regarding the utility companies’ rights to existing and new systems and pipelines, our chartered land surveyors and technical assistants provide advice and assistance in connection with expropriation, voluntary agreements, cadastral procedures and registration. This gives the companies an overview of the easements they may still need to register. It can be of great benefit to utilities companies to register easements. These give them the right to access to supply lines that cross private property whenever they need it – whether to repair sudden damage to pipelines or to perform planned maintenance.

Benefit from the newest and most sophisticated tools

LE34 is on the front line of innovation, and we utilise and further develop the most sophisticated technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

Benefit from the newest and most sophisticated tools

LE34 is on the front line of innovation, and we utilise and further develop the most sophisticated technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

Innovation that makes sense

Another goal of Vandpartner is to create innovative solutions to lighten the load of the utility companies’ employees. To this end, LE34 and Vandpartner are testing the Augview technology – the utilities industry’s answer to Pokémon Go. Augview shows existing and future cables and pipelines in 3D in the ground on which you are standing. The idea is that innovation should make sense. Augview is therefore available for smartphones because it should be handy and easy to use in the field when the utility companies’ employees and partners need it.

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