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The island of Zealand climbs to new heights – literally and figuratively! At the top of the Forest Tower at Gissefeld, you stand 135 metres above sea level, but the pleasure of breathing in the impressive view takes you to even higher heights.

LE34 shows the way
LE34 conducted the setting out for the forest tower at Camp Adventure


  • Levi Jensen samt Stål & Design


  • 2018 - 2019


  • Surveys
  • Setting out
  • Levelling
  • Fixed point net

LE34 conducted the setting out for the tower, making sure that the heavy structure was erected correctly and ensuring its elegant appearance.

Unique attraction

Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower is a unique attraction. And we’re not just saying that because, as a surveying consultancy, we’re proud of our stake-out of the impressive structure.

World-renowned news outlets, such as Germany’s Der Spiegel, French Le Figaro and Spanish El Mundo, have also expressed their recognition and enthusiasm. What’s more the tower’s architecture has received prizes, among others the 2017 ICONIC Award, in the ‘Visionary Architecture’ category.

TIME Magazine voted the tower one of the world’s 100 best places to visit, partly due to the compelling view, and partly due to the overall thrill of the climb to the top – first, through the woods, and then up the spiral walkway between the steel “weave”.

Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower is a unique attraction

Result of close multidisciplinary collaboration

The tower is a result of close collaboration between a wide range of professional groups and companies. As surveying consultants, we ensured correct surveys and setting out for the various elements, and we worked closely with Stål & Design, the manufacturers of the steel elements from which the tower is constructed.

The architecture is unique, as is the structure. This meant that we needed to adapt our surveying methods to meet the challenges: the forest that blocked the view of our instruments and the hour-glass shape of the structure.

LE34 has performed the setting out at the Forest Tower
LE34 is part of the team behind the contruction of the Forest Tower
High quality from LE34

Many visits to the forest

The 54-tonne steel elements were hoisted into place one at a time, and the work took months. Therefore, LE34 needed to visit regularly to check that the elements were correctly placed, according to the agreed accuracies.

Towering facts 

The tower itself is 45 metres high, but it is built on high ground, so the top of the tower is actually 135 metres above sea level. It is Zealand’s highest point, and that is not the only impressive fact about the tower: from the top there is a clear view for 25 kilometres across the landscape of Zealand.

But that’s not he only impressive facts about the tower:

The tower offers a 360 degree view over the beautiful southern Zealand nature.

Ramp length is 650 meters.

The trip through the beech forest, up into the Forest Tower and back is 3,2 km long and lasts approx. 2 hours.

The Forest Tower is built with corten steel and local oak.

The structure is a so-called hyperboloid form. The long vertical steel pipes aren’t bent, but rotated 120 °, giving a curved expression, like an hourglass.

There are 12 ramp circles on the way to the top of the tower.

The tower is constructed of 54 elements and the total weigth is 600 tons.

There are 7.750 boards.

EFFEKT Arkitekter are the architects behind the design of the tower. Other involved partners include Arup engineers, contractor Levi Jensen, construction manager Arkhus and the client, Camp Adventure Development.

LE34: The Forrest Tower has already gained internationel respect

Jesper Nørregaard Hansen, survey technician at LE34

“It was quite a unique experience to help raise the tower in the forest. Obviously, such impressive structures are not built in Denmark every day. As a survey technician, it was great to be able to use my expertise to meet the challenges of building such a tall structure in a space that is so limited due to the forest’s trees.”

LE34 delivered a range of skills to the Forest Tower
LE34 is proud to be part of the team behind the contruction of the Forest Tower

Getting the tower to stand straight

The tower has three levels, each consisting of 18 elements. Each element weighs six tonnes and needed to be lifted into position with a crane, so it could not be redone once the heavy elements were finally in place. This is why highly accurate setting out was crucial.

To ensure this, we marked points at the top of each level and mounted grippers for the steel elements to lean on before they were welded together. The grippers enabled the contractor to hoist the heavy elements into position using a crane.

We conducted inspections at regular intervals to check that the work was on the right track.

Getting the Forest Tower to stand straight

Jesper Nørregaard Hansen, survey technician at LE34

“Our collaboration with both Stål & Design and Levi Jensen was excellent. Before we began setting out, we were careful to make sure that everyone was in agreement about the techniques and surveying methods we would be using, in order to ensure that all elements were set out with the degree of accuracy required to create a stable structure.”

Down to the last millimetre

Once the 18 elements were in place on one level, we made meticulous adjustments together with Stål & Design before beginning on the next level.

We measured at the top of each element while the contractor used huge threaded rods and other gear to move the elements a few millimetres at a time: in, out, and to the side. As a result, the elements are all in position within the agreed tolerances, as calculated by the engineers.




All photos of the tower by courtesy of Camp Adventure and EFFEKT Arkitekter.

One of LE34's skilled surveying technicians
LE34 has performed the setting out of the Forrest Tower at Camp Adventure in Denmark

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