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LE34 Esbjerg is situated a mere stone’s throw from the pier, so we can feel the spray from the sea when it rages. Since 2014, our closest neighbours have been energy companies and Maersk’s oil rigs.

Fiskerihavnsgade 10, 6700 Esbjerg

esbjerg@le34.dk Tel. +45 7930 1588

LE34 shows the way
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There, whereever you are

On Esbjerg’s waterfront, LE34 is right next door to the energy industry’s major players, and yet we are only 500 metres from the centre of the town. In 2014, when LE34 moved in, we brought more than the usual moving boxes with us. Our long history moved with us, as did our experience in specialised engineering surveying services for offshore clients such as Maersk Oil, Siemens and Jumbo Offshore.

We are renowned throughout the energy industry for our ability to meet even the most complicated technical challenges, both onshore and off, and for our capabilities in performing accurate control surveys. Our specialists are also known for delivering a service exactly on schedule – a fact that is not insignificant for our clients who spend a million Danish kroner or more each day an oil rig is in dock for maintenance.

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Offshore LE34 Esbjerg

Cut from special cloth

LE34 provides accurate data on conditions due to the thorough control surveys performed annually by our chartered land surveyors and survey technicians. We use the most sophisticated techniques, such as 3D laser scanning (single-beam and multi-beam), and regularly develop new technologies for resolving the most complex issues. We also conduct annual control surveys of both pipelines and oil rigs.

Our chartered land surveyors and survey technicians in LE34 Offshore are cut from special cloth. They have devoted their time to offshore operations since the beginning of their careers and have gained their experience from complex projects of vital significance to our clients.

LE34 – the connecting thread

We consider it our most important job to make life easier for our clients. We do this by untangling the threads and making the ends meet. Follow the connecting thread – it shows that we are right there where you need us.


Seaworthy services above and below water

We provide precise data for port facilities, both above and below water level. Our nearshore and offshore experts expose hidden issues and provide a full picture, from harbour bed to bird’s eye view.

After working at sea with Maersk for more than 25 years, our strong points include an extremely high professional standard, great flexibility, reliable employees and punctuality.

Niels Koefoed Nielsen, head of department and chartered land surveyor, LE34 Esbjerg:

“Esbjerg is a city undergoing rapid growth, and we want to support this. That’s why LE34 opened an office on the waterfront in 2014. It’s a great advantage for our clients that we are there, where they are.”

Meet LE34 Esbjerg

Dennis Willemar Fischer Kristensen
Dennis Willemar Fischer Kristensen
Survey Technician
LE34 Esbjerg
Lasse Buurgaard Sørensen
Lasse Buurgaard Sørensen
Survey Technician
LE34 Esbjerg
Niels Koefoed Nielsen
Niels Koefoed Nielsen
Head of Department / Chartered Land Surveyor
LE34 Odense, LE34 Esbjerg