Growing pains: IT34 A/S has the whole package

When LE34 every day leads the way on the large projects and infrastructure of the future, we use a wide range of IT tools. Now we have acquired our long-standing business partner, Invodan IT and are combining our expertise in IT consultancy and development with map data in the company IT34 A/S.

LE34 shows the way
IT34 har udviklet PointView, der revolutionerer visningen af 3D-data


After much success with IT solutions, we are now launching our own IT company.

The entire package in one place

IT34 A/S is a new IT business that is part of Denmark’s largest surveying company, LE34, which is now also a major player in the IT industry. Combining IT infrastructure, IT consulting and development capabilities and card data capabilities, IT34 can develop and deliver advanced comprehensive IT solutions. IT34 will become a major player in technical IT with 45 employees across 8 offices, one of which is in Sweden.

Over the past few years, the IT sector has become a larger and larger part of LE34’s solutions in geographic information systems and map data. Now we are bringing together LE34’s and Invodan IT’s IT competencies with traditional IT infrastructure, operational support and data hosting in IT34 A/S.

IT34 offers the full package, and therefore we will also be attractive to customers who only need classic IT solutions.


Frank Rasmussen, CTO, Business Manager, IT34

“When you combine hardcore development competencies, IT skills and GIS competencies, something really exciting happens. Our knowledge of localised data is the background. The needs of our users are the driving force. And with our IT skills, new, meaningful comprehensive solutions become possible.”

T34 samler hele pakken

Well-established collaboration

Frank Rasmussen and Sean Knowlton were, until recently, directors of Invodan IT, which has handled IT and development on LE34’s IT projects over the past seven years. Invodan IT will be part of IT34, with local branches in connection with LE34’s offices in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Odense, Ringsted, Viborg, Norre Alslev and Göteborg.

Sean Knowlton, Senior Consultant IT34

“It’s a well-established collaboration that continues in IT34, but our customers will also experience us as even more streamlined and efficient, because we’re united in the same business.”

IT-heavy solutions built on expertise in geographic data

Among the IT-heavy solutions developed by LE34, and now a part of IT34, is the SmartSurvey app, which turns simple videos into detailed 3D models, and PointView, which displays data from , e.g. road networks with such high precision that municipalities and engineers can use it to plan new infrastructure projects and road maintenance. With the PointView software, it’s easy to manage the huge amounts of data and take measurements directly on a standard PC.

We have already developed a range of IT solutions that benefit both public and private customers, so in this sense, IT34 is off to a flying start. One of the solutions we have developed significantly over the past few years is task management for municipalities, which is one of our important customer groups.

Many Danish municipalities already use the app Borgertip, which makes it easy to report a hole in the road or an overturned tree to the municipality. We have developed this further in the WorkDone system, where task solving is automated, as the system itself, based on predefined rules, addresses and prioritizes tasks.

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Frank Rasmussen

Frank Rasmussen

IT34 / CTO / Business Manager
LE34 Copenhagen
Sean Knowlton

Sean Knowlton

Customer Manager / Senior Consultant
LE34 Copenhagen